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Trade Name Forchlorfenuron (KT-30,CPPU)

C.T.F.A./INCI Name: 1-(2-chloro-4-pyridyl)-3-phenylurea,forchlorfenuron

C.A.S. #. : [68157-60-8]

Molecularformula C12H10ClN3O

StructuralFormula :

Characterindex 1.Appearance white crystalline 2.m.p. 171-172C 3.Residues after ignition 0.1% max 4.Loss on drying 0.5% max

Mainuse - Forchlorfenuron(KT-30) is as a plant growth regulator widely used in griculture horticul ture and fruitsto increase fruit size of fruits, fruit and table grapes,to promote cell division, to improve the quality of fruits and to increase yields.Crop Time applied Concentration Method applied Effects Peach 30 days after 20ppm Sprey on fruit Increases fruit size, Fruit blossom Improves color and qualityGrape 14-18 d prior 1-5ppm plus Soak fruit Improves efficacy of GA Full blossom 100ppm GA3 Apples Growth stage 50ppm Spray on buds Promotes branch budding Potato 70 d after planting 100ppm Spray on plant Increases yield Kiwi fruit 20-30 d after blossom 5-10ppm Soakfruit Increases fruit size.

Assay 98

Packing carton, foil bags

Molecularweight 247.7

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